Fire! Brimstone! The world is coming to an end! Hantaknor, God of Fire shall cause the world to be consumed in flame! Seek the temple of Hantaknor and repent, lest you be among the first subject to incendiary doom!

Hantaknor is the god of fire, and is commonly associated with energy, assertiveness, and passion. It is said that he created the other elemental gods. Transforming the chaos into water, and half that water into earth, and half of the earth into air.

Legends of HantaknorEdit

It is said that his resting place is in Pasenta, northwest of Hataan. There is a temple to Hantaknor along the southwest coast.

  • Cardinal Direction: South
  • Season: Summer
  • Time of Life: Adulthood
  • Time of day: Midday
  • Alter tool: Candle
  • Magic tool: The wand
  • Masculine energy
  • Blood
  • Thunder
  • Drum beat
  • All predatory creatures
  • Purification