Kylaria is a youngish elf, only around 95 or so, and left home early as the call of adventure swept her off her feet. Coming from a very rural area with the closest 'town' being a half day's travel away, she grew up with her parents and 1 older brother. Through gardening and careful management of the local resources, her family lived well and had a close familial bond.

Kylaria sees the world with excitement; whether it is the adrenaline rush of fighting for her life, or the peaceful solitude of bathing in a stream. She has been on her own for a few years now, having learned from a young age how to take care of herself, and building on that general knowledge with real life experience. Her only real goals are to see as much of the world as she can and experience as much of life as she can, while helping out those who need help along the way. There are no tragedies in her past that motivate her or have made her jaded, her family are all alive and well and she corresponds with them on a regular basis; sending a letter every month or two.

Despite her relatively peaceful childhood, she has learned to use her exuberant nature and endless energy to focus it into a fighting style all her own. She has trained herself to be fast, faster than just about anyone she has met, and is rarely caught off guard by anything. She has faced some very dangerous situations and has been hurt plenty of times, but has always come through by a cheerful attitude, steadfast determination, youthful exuberance, and often by just being faster than her enemies.