Lórien is a 140 year old elf with long black hair.  At first glance he appears to be a kindly fellow, but after close examination you may be able to see his true intentions, a never ending quest for knowledge and power.  He dresses in earth tones, as he has no time for foolish “art” and the like.  His childhood was spent in Yaelgorel, a school deep in the forest for those set on discovering the secrets of magic.  When he turned 135, Lórien grew tired of the snails pace of learning at the university, and instead seeks additional knowledge through action.

>Lórien’s ultimate goal is to become the archmage of his own school of magic, and to be known as the most powerful being on the material plain.  To achieve these goals, he accompanies a group of “heroes” as he goes about gaining power in magic through destruction.

All this time though, Lórien is searching without rest for the Hand and Eye of Vecna.  He knows he has to wait for quite some time though, as he could never hope to control its power with his current abilities.  As he hides his true intent from the party, he puts on a helpful guise and lets little of his true plans be known.

A few facts about Lórien.  If someone directly gets in the way of his goals, he may plan on unfortunate accidents occurring to them.  He is not afraid to betray those who trust him if it benefits him greatly in the long term to do so.  A strange fascination with necromancy is also constantly on his mind, but he has deemed it below his moral standards.  For now.

A close friend of Lórien is Mordred.  They were close friends when growing up, but Mordred was exiled from the community after being seen experimenting with necromancy in the various graveyards in the region.   Lórien is prepared to join forces with Mordred if he resisted the temptation to go fully evil.  This may change based on future actions Lórien takes and other chance occurrences that befall him.

The only souvenir Lórien has from his childhood is an ebony dagger.  This dagger is a gift from Mordred before they parted, and it can be used once a day to point toward Mordred’s current location.  Lórien fiercely guards this dagger, and will fight to protect it if it suits him.