Palelil (the Taldor God) - Palelil was the watcher of a far distant planet which he destroyed on a whim. He came to Tarq searching for another plaything. When he saw the planet that Rhorkad controlled he was drawn by its beauty. Later, when Rhorkad created a race, Palelil tried to also but he was under-skilled and his creation was tainted. Since that time, he has been embittered and strives to destroy as he cannot create.

When found, he is dormant. Watcher law states that he must reward those who summon him to the world so he will give the party aid but as he is bitter, it will be in the most useless skills. His temple is deep within the mountains in Shatlam. Palelil rests in the Dark Temple.

Palelil created the magic axe Mukora for his first taldor, Greffen, so he could defeat Dalkhad, the first dwarf.  Greffen was defeated by Dalkhad, and Palelil intervined and killed Dalkhad, taking Mukora back in the process.  It is rumored to be kept with him.

There is a shrine to Palelil high up in the mountains to the west of Rulaan.

  • Awakening Word: Pel
  • Alter Tool: Gems and gold
  • Color: Green
  • Spite
  • Jealousy
  • hate