The Taldor are a race of mostly magical beings, who were created by the evil god Palelil. According to legend, he aimed to match the power of The Creator, but failed to do so, which is why the Taldor look somewhat dwarven, yet oddly misshapen, if more magical. Because all creations of Tarq inherit their creators main aspects, the Taldor are a mostly barbaric and forceful race, but there are notable exceptions.

The Delqafi Caverns are the ancestral home of the Taldor, although they have been seen in all of Tarq, as they have been fighting the dwarves for as long as living memory.

There is still a lot unknown about this race, but it is common knowledge among experienced dwarves, that they have a weakness for alcohol and can sometimes coaxed into things by it.

Notable Taldor:Edit

  • Layel, a female Taldor the party met in Hicar
  • Pran, a Taldor who is supposed to know how to get into the Delqafi Caverns
  • Greffen, the first Taldor created by Palelil and wielder of Mukora