Before we embark on our quest, let us offer thanks to Tito, Protector of the Weak, for prosperity in battle!

Tito created beacons of magic all over Galaq. They were powerful items, but now the only two that remain are the sword, Kastapha, and The Silver Bolt of Galaq. The sword was forged from pearl and ebony, and given to the human high chief, but was later lost in battle. Tito is the god of humans. It is unclear where he came from. He might have been a brother of Rhorkhad, or might have been create by him. Tito led the fight in removing dragons from the land.  Ascalon, the queen of the dragons, demanded a virgin sacrifice every month in exchange for not destroying the fledgling cities of Galaq, and Tito did not like that tradition. He challenged the dragon queen to single combat, and slew her in front of the elf maiden who was to be her dinner. It is said that Tito is entombed in the High Temple. There are temples to Tito near Galaq and Rulaan.

  • Time of Life: Coming of age
  • Time of day: Afternoon
  • Alter tool: Sword
  • Horses
  • Protection
  • Lightning