Ziphanu the Air God

Winds!  Obey my command!

Ziphanu is the god of the air, his domain is all that is above the earth.  He is sometimes called 'The Four Winds'.  He resides in the Air Temple, An ancient relic of times past, times when the gods roamed the earth with their children.  He is revered by all air elementals and creatures of the sky.  

He is said to be the creator of a magic crown, a Galaqian artifact of great power.  The crown is made of iron, but is a diadem of great value because it is studded with diamonds, giving the polished iron an almost unearthly radiance.  

Of the gods Rohrkhad created, Ziphanu is the strongest.  He can blow out (or spread) Hantaknor's fire, lives above Dablak's earth, and can evaporate Melmalan's water.

There are two temples to Ziphanu, one in Kafari, and a smaller one on the island of Talana.

Ziphanu's Attributes:

  • Cardinal direction:  East
  • Season: Spring
  • Time of life: Childhood
  • Time of day: Sunrise
  • Alter tool: incense
  • Mind
  • Intellect
  • Study
  • Consciousness
  • Communications